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Prof N K Ambujam

Professor Agricultural Engineering, Integrated Water Resourc... View Profile

Prof G Ravikumar

Professor Water Resources Engineering, Rain Water Harvesting... View Profile

Prof Usha Natesan

Professor Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Remote Sensing and ... View Profile

Prof M Krishnaveni

Professor Hydrological Modelling, GIS and RS Applications to... View Profile

Prof Madhavi Ganesan

Professor Ground Water Modelling, Aquifer Mapping and Rechar... View Profile

Prof B V Mudgal

Director Free Surface Flow, Experimental Hydraulics... View Profile

Dr R Rajkumar

Associate Professor Irrigation Water Management, Agricultural Economic... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan R

Associate Professor Systems Analysis in Water Resources and Irrigation... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Ramasamy

Associate Professor Groundwater Assessment and Management - Multi Aqui... View Profile

Dr Carolin Arul

Associate Professor Legal Aspects of Water Resources, Integrated Water... View Profile

Mr M S Karthikeyan

Assistant Professor Fluid Transients, Climate Change and Water Resourc... View Profile

Dr Arunbabu E

Assistant Professor Water Resources... View Profile

Dr K Ramesh

Assistant Professor Irrigation Water Management, Hydro Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Soorya Vennila

Assistant Professor Irrigation Sociology, Participatory Water Manageme... View Profile

Dr Ramji Vaidhyanathan

Assistant Professor Soil and Water Conservation Engineering... View Profile

Dr V Lenin Kalyana Sundaram

Assistant Professor Ground Water Modelling, GIS Applications to Water ... View Profile

Dr P Supriya

Assistant Professor Hydrological Modeling, Remote Sensing and GIS, App... View Profile