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Prof D Manjula

Professor Bioinformatics, Health Care... View Profile

Prof A P Shanthi

Professor Neural Networks, Micro Processors, Computer Archit... View Profile

Prof Gopal Tadepalli

Professor Cyber Physical Systems... View Profile

Prof Arul Siromoney

Professor Software Engineering, AI, Bio-Medical Engineering,... View Profile

Prof D Manjula

Professor NLP, Text Mining, Parallel Processing, Grid Comput... View Profile

Prof S Valli

Professor Parallel Processing, Computer Networks and Operati... View Profile

Prof Mary Anita Rajam V

Professor Image Processing, Computer Networks, Security, Mac... View Profile

Prof K S Easwarakumar

Professor Theoretical Computer Science, Molecular Computing,... View Profile

Prof S Bose

Professor Networks, Web Technology, Multimedia Streaming, Ar... View Profile

Prof Geetha Palanisamy

Professor Image Processing, Pattern Recognition... View Profile

Prof S Chitrakala

Professor Computer Vision, Data Mining, Information Retrieva... View Profile

Dr V Vetriselvi

Associate Professor Mobile Computing, Network Security... View Profile

Dr Baskaran Ramachandran

Associate Professor Database, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Mu... View Profile

Dr G S Mahalakshmi

Associate Professor Logic, Knowledge Representation, Mining, NLP, Cogn... View Profile

Dr P Uma Maheswari

Associate Professor Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Pa... View Profile

Dr Angelin Gladston

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Testing... View Profile

Dr B L Velammal

Associate Professor Image Processing, Multimedia Technologies, Data ba... View Profile

Dr K Selvamani

Associate Professor Information Security, Human Computer Interface, Co... View Profile

Dr S Sudha

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, Real Time Systems, VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Raghuveera T

Assistant Professor HCI, Video and Image Processing, Multimedia and Co... View Profile

Dr M Shanmuga Priya

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Data Structures... View Profile

Dr S Renugadevi

Assistant Professor Database Systems, Data Structures... View Profile

Dr D Shiloah Elizabeth

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processin... View Profile

Dr Arockia Xavier Annie R

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Informa... View Profile

Dr P Velvizhy

Assistant Professor Recommendation Systems, Object Oriented System Dev... View Profile

Mr Lokesh Sivanandam

Assistant Professor C Programming, JAVA... View Profile

Ms M S Karthika Devi

Assistant Professor Data Structures, Database Systems, Data Mining... View Profile