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Prof P V Ramakrishna

Professor VLSI, Digital Communication and RF System Design... View Profile

Prof Y V Ramana Rao

Professor Digital Signal and Image Processing... View Profile

Prof A Bhagyaveni

Professor Wireless Communication and Networking, Digital Com... View Profile

Prof Meenakshi M

Professor Digital, Wireless and Optical Communication - Phys... View Profile

Prof P Sakthivel

Professor VLSI Systems and Electronic Design Automation... View Profile

Prof V Jawahar Senthilkumar

Professor VLSI, Applied Electronics and Computer Networks... View Profile

Prof N Ramadass

Professor Embedded System, VLSI Design and Reconfigurable Sy... View Profile

Prof O Uma Maheswari

Professor Non Linear Signal Processing, Analysis of MRI, Enh... View Profile

Prof P Nirmalkumar

Professor Reconfigurable Computing, VLSI for Wireless Commun... View Profile

Prof K Malathi

Professor Microwave Engineering, Antenna Design, Planar Tran... View Profile

Prof V Jeyalakshmi

Professor Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI ... View Profile

Dr G Geetha

Associate Professor Optical Communication, RF System Design... View Profile

Mrs N Vijaya

Associate Professor Analog VLSI, Digital VLSI... View Profile

Dr J Kamala

Associate Professor VLSI, Control Systems, Solar Energy... View Profile

Dr T Laxmikandan

Associate Professor Communication Systems... View Profile

Dr C M Sujatha

Associate Professor Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Respirator... View Profile

Dr S Poonguzhali

Assistant Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Image Processi... View Profile

Mrs V Pushpalatha

Assistant Professor Communication Systems and Networking... View Profile

Dr R Seetharaman

Assistant Professor Electromagnetic Compatibility ... View Profile

Dr T Manimekalai

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication , Signal processing... View Profile

Dr M Shanmugapriya

Assistant Professor Electromagnetics, Antennas, Optical Communication,... View Profile

Dr J Dhurga Devi

Assistant Professor VLSI, Communication Sytems... View Profile

Dr R Sittalatchoumy

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication Networks, ... View Profile

Mr K Praveen

Assistant Professor Digital Signal and Image Processing, Embedded Syst... View Profile

Dr K Gunaseelan

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Digital Signal processing... View Profile

Dr T Jayasree

Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Nose, Biomechan... View Profile

Dr S Ewins Pon Pushpa

Assistant Professor Real time Embedded System... View Profile