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Dr Kannan Arputharaj

Professor Network Security, Data Mining, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Prof G V Uma

Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Q... View Profile

Prof Ranjani Parthasarathi

Professor Computer Architecture, Multicore Computing, Reconf... View Profile

Prof S Swamynathan

Professor Distributed Computing, Advanced Databases, Artific... View Profile

Prof S Sridhar

Professor Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Data Mining, Al... View Profile

Prof P Yogesh

Professor Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, Multimedia Co... View Profile

Prof J Indumathi

Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software P... View Profile

Prof Saswati Mukherjee

Professor Cloud Computing, Distributed System, Operating Sys... View Profile

Prof K Vani

Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing, Remote Sensin... View Profile

Prof R Geetha Ramani

Professor Data Mining, Evolutionary Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Mala T

Associate Professor Natural Language Processing, Computer Graphics, Mu... View Profile

Dr K Kulithungan

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Netwo... View Profile

Dr S Sendhilkumar

Associate Professor Web Mining, Data Mining, Semantic Web, Data Wareho... View Profile

Dr M Vijayalakshmi

Associate Professor Mobile Databases, Mobile and Cloud Computing, Web ... View Profile

Dr N Thangaraj

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Multimedia, Green Computing... View Profile

Dr S Bama

Assistant Professor Computational logic, Artificial Intelligence, Free... View Profile

Dr S Abirami

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Art... View Profile

Dr K Indra Ganthi

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Object... View Profile

Dr E Uma

Assistant Professor Service Oriented Architecture, XML and Web Service... View Profile

Dr K Vidya

Assistant Professor Inter Domain Routing, Security in Inter Domain Rou... View Profile

Dr P Geetha

Assistant Professor Information Retrieval, Theory of Compution, DBMS, ... View Profile

Dr Selvi Ravidran

Assistant Professor Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Distributed and... View Profile