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Mrs Apirajitha PS

Teaching Fellow Cloud computing ... View Profile

Mrs Sindhu T

Teaching Fellow IOT, software Engineering, DBMS... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar T. J.

Teaching Fellow Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Operating System... View Profile

Ms Sowmya CM

Teaching Fellow Wireless Sensor Network... View Profile

Ms siva shankari B

Teaching Fellow Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning... View Profile

Mr Duraimurugan J

Teaching Fellow Algorithms, Data Structures, Theory of Computation... View Profile

Mrs Anbarasi N

Teaching Fellow Computer Networks,Network security ... View Profile

Mrs Mohana Bhindu K

Teaching Fellow Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Analytics, Machine ... View Profile

Mr Riasudheen H

Teaching Fellow Computer networks, Network security, Autonomous Gr... View Profile

Ms Kanimozhi. Soundararajan

Teaching Fellow Computer vision, Machine intelligence, D Analytics... View Profile


Teaching Fellow Networks, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligen... View Profile


Teaching Fellow Cloud Database Security, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mrs Jasmine R L

Teaching Fellow Information Retrieval ... View Profile

Dr D Narashiman

Teaching Fellow Graphics and Animation, Natural language processin... View Profile

Dr Senthilnayaki B

Teaching Fellow Machine learning... View Profile

Mrs Jasmine R L

Teaching Fellow Data Structures; Operating System; Python... View Profile

Mrs Ezhil Arasi

Teaching Fellow Blockchain Technologies, cloud Security... View Profile

Kanimozhi S

Teaching Fellow Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence... View Profile

Dr P Varalakshmi

Professor Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, M... View Profile

Prof G V Uma

Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Q... View Profile

Dr Mala T

Professor Natural Language Processing, Computer Graphics, Mu... View Profile

Prof Dr.J. Indumathi

Professor Data Privacy, Information Security, Privacy Preser... View Profile

Dr S Abirami Murugappan

Professor Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Art... View Profile

Prof R Geetha Ramani

Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Prof P Yogesh

Professor Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, Multimedia Co... View Profile

Prof S Swamynathan

Professor Distributed Computing, Advanced Databases, Artific... View Profile

Prof Saswati Mukherjee

Professor Cloud Computing, Distributed System, Operating Sys... View Profile

Prof S Sridhar

Professor Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Data Mining, Al... View Profile

Prof K Vani

Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing, Remote Sensin... View Profile

Prof Ranjani Parthasarathi

Professor Computer Architecture, Multicore Computing, Reconf... View Profile

Dr M Vijayalakshmi

Professor Mobile Databases, Mobile Cloud Computing, Machine ... View Profile

Dr Sendhilkumar S

Professor Bibliometrics, Social Networks, Data Analytics, We... View Profile

Dr Bama Srinivasan

Associate Professor Interest in Indian Philosophical Systems with Logi... View Profile

Dr K Vidya

Associate Professor Information Security, Data Analytics, Inter Domain... View Profile

Dr K Kulothungan

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Netwo... View Profile

Dr E Uma

Associate Professor Network Security and Forensics, Block Chain, Mac... View Profile

Dr N Thangaraj

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Internet of Things, Green Compu... View Profile

Dr P Geetha

Associate Professor Information Retrieval, Theory of Compution, DBMS, ... View Profile

Dr K Indra Gandhi

Associate Professor Blockchain Technologies , Mobile Computing, Objec... View Profile

Dr Selvi Ravindran

Associate Professor Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Distributed and... View Profile

Dr S Anbuchelian

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Machi... View Profile

Dr G Geetha

Associate Professor Network Security , Block Chain, Cloud Computing, ... View Profile

Dr Manimala K

Associate Professor Machine learning, Deep Learning, IOT, Soft Computi... View Profile

Dr Arul Deepa

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Natural Language Processing, machine Learning, Cyb... View Profile

Dr M. Deivamani

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Perception processing, Motion Pl... View Profile