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Prof V Sridharan

Professor Population Models, Reliability Engineering... View Profile

Prof Murugesan Venkatesan

Professor Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof B Krishnakumar

Professor Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, Queu... View Profile

Prof P Vijayaraju

Professor Fuzzy Set Theory, Functional Analysis, Non-Linear ... View Profile

Prof M Chandrasekar

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof S V Subhashini

Professor Computational Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof L Jones Tarcius Doss

Professor Numerical Analysis, PDE, Algorithms... View Profile

Prof S Paulraj

Professor Operations Research... View Profile

Prof P Vimala

Professor Fluid Dynamics, Tribology... View Profile

Prof D Arivudainambi

Professor Computer Networks, Queueing Thoery, Stochastic Pro... View Profile

Prof Y Sarada

Professor Applied Probability and Stochastic Modelling... View Profile

Prof P Loganathan

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat and Mass Tra... View Profile

Dr Sethuraman G

Associate Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Baskar Babujee J

Associate Professor Graph Theory, Formal Languages and Automata Theory... View Profile

Dr K Sankar

Associate Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr S Sadiq Basha

Associate Professor Fixed Point Theory... View Profile

Dr V Vijayalakshmi

Assistant Professor Graph Theory and Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr D J Prabhakaran

Assistant Professor Complex Analysis, Special Functions... View Profile

Dr Anbarasu Sivalingam

Assistant Professor DNA Computing, Queueing Models, Theoretical Comput... View Profile

Dr Cokilavany Diraviam

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Analysis and Its Applications... View Profile

Dr Vimala Ramani

Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology... View Profile

Dr K V Vijayashree

Assistant Professor Stochastic Processes... View Profile

Dr R Indira

Assistant Professor Linear Algebra , Generalized Inverses... View Profile

Dr R Akila

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics and Image Processing... View Profile

Dr A Rathinasamy

Assistant Professor Numarical Analysis for Stochastic Differential Equ... View Profile

Mr M Chinnadurai

Assistant Professor Ordinary Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr G Muniasamy

Assistant Professor Combinatorial Representation Theory... View Profile