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Prof Karunamoorthy L

Professor Metal Cutting, Mechatronics, Automation, Composite... View Profile

Prof Elayaperumal Ayyasamy

Professor Engineering Design, Composites Materials, Tribolog... View Profile

Prof S Rajendra Boopathy

Professor Manufacturing Technology, Composite Materials, Des... View Profile

Prof Nagarajan Govindan

Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Electronic Engine Man... View Profile

Prof E Natarajan

Professor Thermal Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Gas ... View Profile

Prof N V Mahalakshmi

Professor Advanced Thermodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynam... View Profile

Prof Saravanan Rajagopal

Professor Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Energy Conservation... View Profile

Prof Vela Murali

Professor Composite Materials and Mechanics, Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Balasivanandha Prabu Shanmugavel

Professor Composite Materials, Severe Plastic Deformation, C... View Profile

Prof Senthil kumar V S

Professor Superplastic Forming, Friction Stir Processing/Wel... View Profile

Prof B Mohan

Professor Machine Drawing, Engineering Statistics and Qualit... View Profile

Dr S Senthil Kumaran

Associate Professor Physical Metallurgy, Welding Technology, Metal For... View Profile

Dr Kumaresan Govindaraj

Associate Professor Solar Energy, Heat Transfer, CFD, Energy Storage... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Duraisamy

Associate Professor Internal Combustion Engineering... View Profile

Dr Swaminathan M R

Associate Professor CFD, Heat Transfer, IC Engines... View Profile

Dr Muruganandhan R

Associate Professor Product Design, Finite Element Analysis, Composite... View Profile

Dr M Pradeep Kumar

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan Chinnasamy

Associate Professor CAD CAM... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha Dharmalingam

Assistant Professor Polymers, Membranes, Fuel Cells, Desalination, Was... View Profile

Dr Balachander P

Assistant Professor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning... View Profile

Dr Samuel Raj D

Assistant Professor Precision Machining, Sustainable Machining, Manufa... View Profile

Dr S Ragavananthan

Assistant Professor Engineering Mechanics, Soild Mechanics, Fluid Mech... View Profile